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These Youtube Videos Will Make You Fat
Written by Matt Marshall, Author of The Underground Fat Loss Manual 
Have you seen those "what I eat in a day?" Youtube videos?

Basically, the format is pretty simple. A very fit person does a video log of everything they eat in a day.

Without fail they will always be eating multiple meals per day and the calories will be way higher than you'd expect.  

And then the waaaaaaay too chipper star of the video will gush...

"See guys!!!! You don't have starve yourself to get lean.  Look how much food I eat!"

These Youtube videos will make you fat.

And here's why:

#1) People lie.

Regular people lie.  Fitness people lie even more.  And Youtubers will literally set up a video camera and lie on film!  What do you get when you combine fitness people and Youtubers?  Lies all the way down.

They lie about their drug usage.  They use fake weights for their videos.  So are we supposed to believe they tell the truth about what they eat?  Fool me once, shame on me.  Fool me twice? 

But even if they are telling the truth, that brings us to point #2.

#2) You Can Eat Waaaaaay More If You're ALREADY Lean

The simple truth is this:

Once you're already lean, you can eat practically TWICE as many calories as the person who is trying to get lean.  Especially if you were blessed with a high metabolism or if you're very active.

The same person who had to eat 1,750 calories to get lean may be able to stay lean at 3,000 calories per day. 

That's a world of difference. 

So in conclusion if you're trying to get lean you are probably going to need to eat fewer calories than you'd like.  There will be some periods where it gets uncomfortable.  You will experience some hunger.  

Fact: Getting lean sucks.  Being lean is awesome. 

If it was easy, everybody would do it.  

So suck it up buttercup and get it done.  
Hope this helps you out.


Matt Marshall

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