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Magic Number Of Meals Per Week To Stay Lean
Written by Matt Marshall, Author of The Underground Fat Loss Manual 
It took years of trial and error but I've finally figured it out.

The magic number of meals you should consume each week to STAY lean.

Before we tackle that, let me talk about why you must count calories to GET lean but why counting calories to STAY lean doesn't work.

There's a popular saying in the business world: "That which gets measured, improves." 

If you're trying to get lean and you're not counting calories you're just spinning your wheels.  

Because our foods these days are so high in calories, you are often times eating far more calories than you'd think. 

I'm just as guilty.  I get lazy and start "eye-balling" foods.  I can convince myself that I'm eating just 1,800 calories per day.  Until I start getting serious about counting calories and tracking my intake.  

When I do that I quickly realize I was eating north of 2,500 calories per day without even realizing it.  This happens every single time.

So if you're trying to get lean, you must count your calories.

But... counting calories sucks.  It's not a long term solution.  It's like counting all the trees you pass on your way to work.  Can you do it for every day for 12 weeks?  Sure. Do you want to do that every day for the rest of your life?  Heck no.

That's why once you're already lean I recommend switching to counting the number of meals you consume per week. 

And the magic number of meals per week that will allow you to stay lean?


I like to kick off my week with a 44 hour fast.  

Which means my first meal of the week happens on Tuesday night.  (For the purposes of this article, the week starts on Monday.) 

So I have zero meals on Monday.

1 meal on Tuesday.  

And then 2 meals per day on Wed thru Sunday.

That's 11 total meals per week.  Eating in this fashion can allow you to stay lean without counting calories and without swearing off any of your favorite foods. 
Hope this helps you out.


Matt Marshall

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