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Hunger, Hardship & Magic (My Most Popular Article Of The Year)
Written by Matt Marshall, Author of The Underground Fat Loss Manual 
NOTE: This was the single most popular thing I wrote last year. Enjoy.

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Here's the topic:

Hunger, Hardship and Magic.

There are only two "tools" that can transform your body: Hunger & Hardship.

If you want to lose fat, you MUST find a way to get comfortable with hunger. You don't have to love it. You don't even have to like it.

But if you feel the slightest twinge of hunger and your immediate reaction is to shove any and all food into your face... you will NEVER get lean.

Sure, you can drop a few pounds by making healthier food choices or parking your car further away from your office.

But to get truly lean... you need to learn how to ACCEPT the feeling of hunger. Because hunger is the tool that transforms your body (with regards to fat loss.)

Now let's talk about Hardship.

If you want bigger biceps, you need to make your biceps experience hardship. Lift weights, do chin-ups, etc.

The point is your biceps won't get bigger simply because you wish they would. And your biceps won't get bigger by slugging back a protein shake.

Your biceps will get bigger when apply "hardship" to your muscles and force them get bigger.

So to recap: To lose fat, you must experience hunger. To get stronger/build muscle, you must experience hardship.

Hunger & Hardship: Those are the tools that add muscle and melt fat.

If you (and me, all of us) would just accept that, it would make our lives a lot easier. But we can't. Because we're humans.

So rather than accepting the fact that hunger & hardship are the tools that transform, instead we spend all our time looking for...


When it comes to building muscle and shedding fat, "magic" is anything that's NOT hunger or hardship.
A brand new whizbang program that packs on muscle while you're sleeping? Hmmm, doesn't sound like hardship to me. Therefore, it's "magic."

A new celebrity diet program that promises you'll never be hungry again? "Magic."

If you want to get leaner, learn how to embrace the uncomfortableness of hunger.

If you want to get bigger/stronger, you've got to put in time at the gym and force your muscles to experience hardship.

That's it. Those are the two tools that transform physiques.

Everything else is just magic.

Side note: Oddly enough, hunger & hardship are basically free. Internet hucksters can't sell you that so instead they sell you "magic."

Hope this helps you out.


Matt Marshall

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